The Retention Booster Programme: Retain your superstars! Attract your future superstars!

The flowprofiler® Retention Booster Programme has 1 core goal which is to retain more talent in your organisation using our Fit, Build, Grow framework.

This complete programme teaches retention strategies through acquisition, engagement and investment.

We teach strategies to acquire, engage and invest in the right people. When you find the right people you get a natural fit in the role. From there you can engage them to build high performing individuals and teams. This sets the bedrock so you can invest in your people to power your organisation’s growth.

It’s every organisation’s goal to hire the right people. We start by strengthening your recruitment strategy with a proven system to help managers. Create behavioural benchmarks to build a robust picture of who will succeed in the role and help interviewers drill down with targeted behavioural questions.

We’ll also help you become experts in selecting the right people by removing natural bias and using the benchmark to support your decisions.

Once you have the right FIT it’s time to engage. The first 90 days is critical and you want to make sure people are embedded into the organisation so that they stay with you. Help managers fast track onboarding with behavioural reports about their new team members and uncover what energises each individual with 7 drivers of motivation.

Everyone has aspirations match those with the organisation’s vision, mission and values to inspire high performance. Now is the time to invest in your people. The competition for talent is high and investing will increase retention and help your organisation to grow.

+ Enable your managers to have one-on-one development conversations.

+ Strengthen culture by looking at teams, how they collaborate & communicate and,

+ Plan for growth with a succession planning structure to save time and money.

The Retention Booster Programme is supported by:

+ The flowprofiler® psychometric assessment platform that measures EQ, Resilience and Motivation

+ A learning platform for self-paced training

+ Live training workshops & monthly coaching sessions

Contact us today so we can find out more about your organisation and if the programme is suitable for you.