flowprofiler® psychometric reports

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Successfully recruit, manage and develop teams & individuals with the flowprofiler® psychometric reports.

flowprofiler® offers a full range of psychometric reports.
hese include an interview, management, development and team reports.

Using a validated range of psychometric reports puts you in the position to make people decisions based on real data.

flowprofiler® interview report

Use the questions in the flowprofiler® reports to drill down in interviews. Choose the candidate with the best job-fit.

Every interview report comes with:

  • How the candidate scored in the assessment
  • Management considerations
  • Structured interview questions

Delve deeper with questions

Each interview report provides at least 10 questions based on the candidate results. For example:

“Can you describe a time when you were certain about a decision you had made, but in hindsight it was incorrect?”

“Have you ever made a decision which was driven by an emotional reaction? What was the result?”

Sample interview report

flowprofiler® psychometric reports encourage personal accountability.

flowprofiler® management report

Healthy organisation has strong leadership, is resilient, future focused, mature and motivated.

Every management report comes with:

  • An overview of the individual’s results
  • Development considerations
  • Probe questions to suport conversations

Manage and coach with insight

Each management report includes a bespoke set of questions to help the manager engage their team member. For example:

“You maintain a calmness during stressful situations. Can you think of a time when you have been unaware of how a difficult situation impacted a colleague?”

Many of the decisions you make are emotionally driven. When has this impacted your ability to make an objective decision?”

Sample management report

flowprofiler® encourages people to be optimistic,
self-sufficient and motivated.

flowprofiler® development report

Develop the emotional and social intelligence, resilience and motivation of your people to create stronger all round performers.

Every development report comes with:

  • The individual’s results
  • Developmental considerations
  • Development actions

Develop self-aware employees

Each development report contains a set of actions to develop personal excellence across your organisation. For example:

“Reflect upon a situation in which you struggled to control your emotions and may have responded impulsively. To develop: Consider what aspects of the situation meant that you struggled to manage your emotions. What would you do differently?

Sample development report

flowprofiler® psychometric reports work to improve teamwork.

flowprofiler® team reports

Make informed and strategic decisions about coaching, facilitation and training by assessing the behavioural needs of team members and developing them based on what the organisation actually requires.

Every team report comes with:

  • Composite team charts for two states:

    1) day-to-day 2) under pressure
  • The ability to anonymise individual results

  • Team actions to help ensure tangible and actionable results

Create dynamic team learning

Every team report lists reflection points for team member to consider together. For example:

“As a team how do you maintain the balance between learning & development opportunities and business needs?

“As a team, you enjoy and encourage collaboration at work. When has your desire to collaborate resulted in projects taking longer than they otherwise could have?”

Sample team report

flowprofiler® psychometric reports improve communication.

flowprofiler® candidate/personal report

Give your candidates a short feedback report to help them understand some of their strengths.

Every team report comes with:

  • An overview of the assessment they have completed
  • Their two top scoring Dimensions
  • A summary of their potential assets
Sample candidate/personal report

❝As I work more in the leadership space, I have found good people ‘killing’ themselves in their jobs. flowprofiler®️ has become the perfect diagnostic tool to help individuals become aware and then, make the right choices.❞
Malar Villi, Managing Director, Hearts and Minds, Malaysia