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We are excited to feature on the cover of ManageHR magazine APAC July 2022 Special Edition

We are excited to have been invited to contribute to the July '22 APAC special edition of the ManageHR magazine. Furthermore, flowprofiler® features on the front over. ManageHR magazine has also recognised flowprofiler® as a top 10 emerging assessment in AsiaPacific 2022! In this issue, we were in invited to contribute to this APAC special edition and comment on the role that flowprofiler® plays in helping organisations overcome the #greatresignation. Commentators [...]

The power of behavioural interviewing in the hiring process

When most people think about recruitment, the first thing that comes to mind is CV screening and interviewing candidates. However, there's another important aspect of the process that often gets overlooked: the power of behavioural interviewing in the hiring process. By looking at a candidate's behaviours, you can get a better idea of how they'll behave in the future and whether they're a good fit for your organisation. In this blog [...]

Neuroscience and psychology | how they work together

A brief history of neuroscience and psychology The disciplines of neuroscience and psychology have a long and intertwined history. Early psychological scientists were interested in understanding the relationship between the brain and behaviour. But it was not until the late 19th century that neuroscience began to emerge as its own distinct field. During this time, scientists like Carl Wernicke and Franz Gall were beginning to map out the specific areas of [...]

Agile leaders and flowprofiler® | Part 2

In part 1 of our Agile leaders and flowprofiler® blog, we explored the core competencies of Agile leaders. These are: A growth mindset, Collaboration, The ability to bring value, Commitment, Quality thinking skills. In part 2 we will explore how flowprofiler® supports the development of these competencies. flowprofiler® dimensions that directly support agile leaders There are 15 flowprofiler® dimensions that directly support the development of an agile leader: Growth A leader [...]

Agile leaders and flowprofiler® | Part 1

flowprofiler® provides a measure of many of the observable behaviours that an agile leaders display. In this 2-part blog, we explore the core competencies of an agile leader, identify which flowprofiler® dimensions support development and the key attributes of flowprofiler® that make it unique. What are the core competencies of agile leader's? Our research shows that the core competencies that make up an agile leader include: A growth mindset Collaboration The ability [...]

Attract more candidates | Free template | Hot tip

What is happening? Every organisation seems to be struggling to attract candidates. The Great #Resignation #Reshuffle #Re-org (pick your favourite) has caused chaos for talent acquisition professions. Covid has shifted power away from organisations to the individual. Individuals have tasted more freedom, more flexibility and more pay. A large percentage of the workforce is actively looking for a new role. We believe, however, that making incremental changes can improve the chances [...]

Team Motivation and Communication

"Team spirit is based on trust, communication and motivation and it enables us to avoid unnecessary conflict and become even stronger than before." Workdays are fulfilling when you are part of a great team and jumping ship is very unappealing. We say this from a position of experience. Being in the people industry you would expect us to practice what we preach. Of course, there are highs and lows, ups and downs. [...]

Internal Recruitment and Succession Planning

"Succession planning gives organisations the opportunity to establish those human connections over time." We are seeing the impact of the great resignation (also know as the ‘big quit’ amongst others and originally coined by US academic Anthony Klotz) in organisations across the world. In the UK, a BDO survey from 2021 revealed the deepening UK staffing crisis with more than 25% of firms reporting that a lack of staff is affecting their [...]

flowprofiler® and hybrid working

Hybrid working or work from anywhere policies are a reality for many of us. The transition has presented leaders with real challenges around productivity, engagement, and morale. We interviewed Kim Crump, HR Business Partner, OneServe, to find out how they were using flowprofiler® to support their people. About OneServe OneServe are experienced users of psychometric assessments. They use the flowprofiler® portfolio in both recruitment and development. OneServe are a field service management [...]

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