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Signs You Are Overusing Your Power Skills at Work

As we observe Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s crucial to reflect not only on our mental health but also on how we harness our professional skills. In the realm of emotional intelligence, motivation, and resilience, we often discuss the importance of maximising our strengths. However, it's equally important to recognise when our best qualities might be pushing us too far. In this blog, we explore the subtle signs that you might be [...]

Building Emotional Resilience: Strategies for a Stronger You

Emotional resilience is the remarkable ability to bounce back from stress, adversity, failure, challenges, or even trauma. It's not something you're born with; it's cultivated over time with conscious effort and practice. Why is emotional resilience so important? Because it's the key to handling life's inevitable hurdles efficiently and maintaining our mental health through ups and downs. Here we explore some effective strategies for building your emotional resilience. 1. Understanding Your Emotions [...]

Why Leaders Should Activate Emotional Regulation

In leadership, emotional intelligence stands out as a cornerstone, with emotional regulation as its central thread. Leaders who excel in regulating their emotions can navigate the complex interplay of interpersonal relationships and decision-making challenges more effectively. This blog explores the pivotal role of emotional regulation in leadership and its impact on organisational success. The Basics of Emotional Regulation Emotional regulation involves understanding, managing, and responding to one's emotions in ways that are [...]

How can Leaders Stay on Course in a Noisy World?

A leader's life is busy and it's not uncommon for the noise of everyday challenges, distractions, and competing priorities to threaten your clarity and focus. Whether you're leading a team, a project, or an entire organisation, maintaining your course amidst the chaos is essential for success. So, how can leaders remain on course when the world around them is getting noisier by the day? Here are our 5 tips: 1. Define Your [...]

Navigating Differences: 4 Tips to Influence Coworkers

Diversity of thought in the workplace is a valuable asset that can lead to innovation and improved decision-making. However, there are times when coworkers don't see eye to eye, creating potential challenges in collaboration. In such situations, the ability to influence others becomes crucial. Here are four tips to help you navigate differences and effectively influence your coworkers. Active Listening: One of the fundamental building blocks of influence is active listening. Before [...]

Activate Your Power Skills with these 5 Daily Affirmations

Starting your day on a positive note can make a significant difference to your overall well-being. Positive affirmations are powerful tools that can help shape your mindset and set the tone for a successful day. Affirmations that link to and support optimal performance are even better. Here we link 5 positive affirmations to the power of flowprofiler® and behavioural science. 1. "I am capable of overcoming any obstacle." This is a great [...]

3 Signs That You’re Making Biased Decisions

Bias is an inherent aspect of human cognition, influencing the way we perceive and interpret information. It can sneak into our decision-making processes, leading us to make choices that may not be entirely fair or rational. In this article we will explore the concept of bias, identify three common signs that indicate biased decision-making, and provide actionable steps to mitigate its impact. We also explore the role that feelings and emotions play [...]

Embracing a New Year: Celebrating Wins and Setting Exciting Goals

There's a sense of transition in the air as the calendar flips its final page. The dawn of a new year symbolises more than just the passing of time; it offers an opportunity for reflection, gratitude, and the exhilarating prospect of a fresh start. Embracing the new year isn't merely a matter of turning the page; it's about crafting a narrative of growth, resilience, and aspirations. Reflecting on the Journey Before plunging [...]

There is No Change Without Courage

Change is the only constant. Professionals encounter a range of hurdles on a daily basis, ranging from time constraints and high-pressure situations to interpersonal conflicts and the relentless pace of technological advancements. This necessitates a continuous process of adaptation and the cultivation of courage. In this article we explore the significance of courage and the adoption of adaptive behavioural strategies to effectively confront and overcome the daily trials faced by professionals. Understanding [...]

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