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The students from Chuo University, Tokyo

It was our great pleasure to have 6 students from Chuo University, Tokyo attend this year’s internship with us at Chalmers International. Sessions were conducted virtually as a result of restrictions caused by Covid-19.The students attended 6 sessions covering the topics of:Company overview and finance.Non-traditional business models.Sales and marketing.The role of technology.Technical training in our psychometric assessment, flowprofiler®.The students were asked to:Communicate in English both in emails and during our sessions.Contribute to [...]

flowprofiler® welcomes R3Design, USA

It is with the greatest of pleasures we welcome the team from R3Design, based in the USA, to the global flowprofiler® family. The team at R3Design are led by Insight Architect, Phil Shearrer. “I coach leaders to develop the habits necessary to maximize flow. The insights they gain from flowprofiler® give them practical strategies to focus their engagement.” Phil is a Master Trainer of Dr. Edward de Bono’s methodologies and owner [...]

New partner: flowprofiler® welcomes Hyde-Seek, Mexico

It with the greatest pleasure that we welcome Hyde-Seek,  Mexico, to our flowprofiler® global partner family.Hyde-Seek are a specialist head hunting company who support businesses grow and become more efficient. This team offer client-centric support where their clients and candidates are the focus of successful job placements.In a fast changing society where clients need support, Hyde-Seek offer a strategic partnership to create win-win outcomes for all parties.Every project is custom made depending [...]

Case Study: Change. Team Sessions. Collaboration

We have had the greatest pleasure working with the team at Waterfield for the last 14-months. From virtual team sessions through to 1:1 feedback, in this case study the team share their thoughts about their flowprofiler® journey. All team sessions were held via Zoom. Waterfield initially completed resilienceflow® in April 2020. The primary purpose was to check in on the needs of the team as they adapted to the huge impact [...]

3 tips to support hybrid team working

How do you maintain the motivation and productivity of your hybrid teams? Hybrid team working is a concept whereby teams work both from an office and anywhere else (work from anywhere - WFA). Many businesses are struggling with the question of how to maintain the motivation of their hybrid teams. This question is key as we transition, slowly, into a post-Covid world. "74% of CFOs expect to transition some portion [...]

The flowprofiler® team reports are here!

We are very excited to announce the release of the flowprofiler® team reports.Use the flowprofiler® team reports to measure and develop team resilience, motivation and emotional intelligence. flowprofiler® team reports are designed for any team size whether that be 3 or 300 people.Build collaboration and communicationNurture team resilienceEngage and motivate team membersDevelop emotional and social intelligenceImprove decision makingBuild self-esteemPursue employee well-beingUse for team benchmarking, development and facilitation sessions"Now you can make informed [...]

2020: Reflect on personal excellence.

We love to reflect on personal excellence, it's a key activity that helps to drive focus and keep a positive mindset. Right now, we have one thing on our mind, reframing and refocussing for 2021. A big part of this, for us, is reflecting on what we are proud of and thinking about areas where we demonstrated personal excellence. So where did you excel in 2020? Did you: find an opportunity [...]

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