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Discover personal excellence with the flowprofiler® psychometric assessments

The flowprofiler® family includes: eqflow®, resilienceflow®, motivationflow® and the flowprofiler®.

eqflow® increases personal effectiveness

Measure emotional intelligence at work with eqflow®. eqflow® is an online normative psychometric assessment. eqflow® measures an individual’s emotional and social intelligence in the workplace across 5 dimensions.

Unique features of eqflow®:

Broad measure: eqflow® measures across 5 dimensions of emotional intelligence and social intelligence.

Deep insight: measures emotional intelligence day-to-day and when under pressure. This highlights potential areas of development.

Our unique eqflow® indicator gives a snapshot of potential overuse or underuse of your top and lowest scoring dimensions.

eqflow® measures 5 dimensions

Regard for Others Self-Confidence Emotional Awareness
Shows confidence in others. Trusts, values and appreciates colleagues. Is supportive and kind. Self-assured. Contributes and adds value. Self-reliant. Unfazed by challenges. Understands their emotions. Mindful of own reactions. Approachable. Reflective and intuitive.
Emotional Regulation Social Awareness
Responds appropriately. Composed under pressure.Regulates behaviour. Emotionally consistent. Observant and attentive. Considerate of others. Identifies and attends to mood changes in others.

resilienceflow® grows your work-based resilience

resilienceflow® is a psychometric assessment, resilience quotient (RQ) that measures an individual’s resilience with regard to how they approach their job.

Unique features of resilienceflow®:

Detailed measure: resilienceflow® measures across 6 dimensions of resilience.

Deep insight: resilienceflow® measures resilience day-to-day and when under pressure. This highlights potential areas of development.

Our unique resilienceflow® indicator gives a snapshot of potential overused and underused dimensions.

resilienceflow® measures 6 dimensions

Assertiveness Optimism Adaptability
Delivers messages with authority. Has clear opinions and ideas. Has a positive impact on others. Controls situations. Positive outlook.
Upbeat under pressure. Focuses on what they enjoy. Excited about possibilities.
Seeks views and ideas. Challenges work practices. Tests assumptions. Copes with limited information.
Unbiased Perseverance Self-Esteem
Objective and rational.
Calm and calculated. Considers problems. Separates emotions when making decisions.
Persistent. Bounces back. Deals with what is in front of them. Thrives during periods of uncertainty. Sense of internal worth.
Clear purpose. Recognises own strengths. Speaks positively about themselves.

motivationflow® builds greater engagement

Ensure motivation and engagement in the workplace with motivationflow®. motivationflow® is an online normative psychometric test that measures an individual’s motivation in the workplace.

Unique features of motivationflow®:

Detailed measure: motivationflow® measures across 7 dimensions of motivation.

Deep insight: motivationflow® measures motivation day-to-day and when under pressure.

Our unique motivationflow® indicator gives a snapshot of potential overused and underused dimensions.

motivationflow® measures 7 dimensions

Autonomy Growth Purpose Recognition
Feels empowered and in control. Self-sufficient. Makes own decisions. Organises workload. Recognises their sense of choice. Prioritises personal development. Seeks opportunities to grow.
Enjoys challenge.
Benchmarks against high performers.
Energised by purpose. Seeks feedback. Monitors performance. Wants to make a difference. Recognises the performance of others. Praises quality work. Driven by achievement. Responds well to praise.
Reward Collaboration Well-Being
Driven by rewards. Competitive to achieve results. Single minded in focus. Seeks to improve performance. Enjoys working with colleagues and having
a sense of belonging. Promotes group activities. Looks for opportunities to network.
Enjoys a range of pursuits. Seeks work/life balance. Takes time out to re-energise. Concerned about the well-being of colleagues.

the flowprofiler® supports a full power skill experience

the flowprofiler® is an online psychometric test that measures across 18 dimensions. It uniquely assesses resilience, motivation, emotional and social intelligence in the workplace. The result is easy to understand reports that users, coaches, managers and recruiters can adopt as part of any professional development plan or recruitment campaign.

Unique features of the flowprofiler®:

Broad measure: the flowprofiler® evaluates aspects of emotional intelligence, social intelligence, resilience and motivation.

Deep insight: the flowprofiler® assess 18 dimensions in both day-to-day and under pressure states.

Clear feedback: reports details where an individuals is potentially overusing and underusing dimensions. This provides a clear development focus.

Easy to read: The unique flowprofiler® indicator shows a snapshot of progress.

❝We are excited with the promise that flowprofiler®️ brings; one that will allow our clients to shape their people and their organisation to be agile, adaptable and ready for the opportunities in the future.❞

Sharmini Suthan, Managing Partner, BeInClarity, Singapore