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Discover personal excellence with the flowprofiler® psychometric assessments

The flowprofiler® family includes: eqflow®, resilienceflow®, motivationflow® and the flowprofiler®.

eqflow® increases personal effectiveness

Measure emotional intelligence at work with eqflow®. eqflow® is an online normative psychometric assessment. eqflow® measures an individual’s emotional and social intelligence in the workplace across 5 dimensions.

Unique features of eqflow®:

Broad measure: eqflow® measures across 5 dimensions of emotional intelligence and social intelligence.

Deep insight: measures emotional intelligence day-to-day and when under pressure. This highlights potential areas of development.

Our unique eqflow® indicator gives a snapshot of potential overuse or underuse of your top and lowest scoring dimensions.

eqflow® measures 5 dimensions

Regard for Others Self-Confidence Emotional Awareness
Shows confidence in others. Trusts, values and appreciates colleagues. Is supportive and kind. Self-assured. Contributes and adds value. Self-reliant. Unfazed by challenges. Understands their emotions. Mindful of own reactions. Approachable. Reflective and intuitive.
Emotional Regulation Social Awareness
Responds appropriately. Composed under pressure.Regulates behaviour. Emotionally consistent. Observant and attentive. Considerate of others. Identifies and attends to mood changes in others.

resilienceflow® grows your work-based resilience

resilienceflow® is a psychometric assessment, resilience quotient (RQ) that measures an individual’s resilience with regard to how they approach their job.

Unique features of resilienceflow®:

Detailed measure: resilienceflow® measures across 6 dimensions of resilience.

Deep insight: resilienceflow® measures resilience day-to-day and when under pressure. This highlights potential areas of development.

Our unique resilienceflow® indicator gives a snapshot of potential overused and underused dimensions.

resilienceflow® measures 6 dimensions

Assertiveness Optimism Adaptability
Delivers messages with authority. Has clear opinions and ideas. Has a positive impact on others. Controls situations. Positive outlook.
Upbeat under pressure. Focuses on what they enjoy. Excited about possibilities.
Seeks views and ideas. Challenges work practices. Tests assumptions. Copes with limited information.
Unbiased Perseverance Self-Esteem
Objective and rational.
Calm and calculated. Considers problems. Separates emotions when making decisions.
Persistent. Bounces back. Deals with what is in front of them. Thrives during periods of uncertainty. Sense of internal worth.
Clear purpose. Recognises own strengths. Speaks positively about themselves.

motivationflow® builds greater engagement

Ensure motivation and engagement in the workplace with motivationflow®. motivationflow® is an online normative psychometric test that measures an individual’s motivation in the workplace.

Unique features of motivationflow®:

Detailed measure: motivationflow® measures across 7 dimensions of motivation.

Deep insight: motivationflow® measures motivation day-to-day and when under pressure.

Our unique motivationflow® indicator gives a snapshot of potential overused and underused dimensions.

motivationflow® measures 7 dimensions

Autonomy Growth Purpose Recognition
Feels empowered and in control. Self-sufficient. Makes own decisions. Organises workload. Recognises their sense of choice. Prioritises personal development. Seeks opportunities to grow.
Enjoys challenge.
Benchmarks against high performers.
Energised by purpose. Seeks feedback. Monitors performance. Wants to make a difference. Recognises the performance of others. Praises quality work. Driven by achievement. Responds well to praise.
Reward Collaboration Well-Being
Driven by rewards. Competitive to achieve results. Single minded in focus. Seeks to improve performance. Enjoys working with colleagues and having
a sense of belonging. Promotes group activities. Looks for opportunities to network.
Enjoys a range of pursuits. Seeks work/life balance. Takes time out to re-energise. Concerned about the well-being of colleagues.

the flowprofiler® supports a full power skill experience

the flowprofiler® is an online psychometric test that measures across 18 dimensions. It uniquely assesses resilience, motivation, emotional and social intelligence in the workplace. The result is easy to understand reports that users, coaches, managers and recruiters can adopt as part of any professional development plan or recruitment campaign.

Unique features of the flowprofiler®:

Broad measure: the flowprofiler® evaluates aspects of emotional intelligence, social intelligence, resilience and motivation.

Deep insight: the flowprofiler® assess 18 dimensions in both day-to-day and under pressure states.

Clear feedback: reports details where an individuals is potentially overusing and underusing dimensions. This provides a clear development focus.

Easy to read: The unique flowprofiler® indicator shows a snapshot of progress.

❝Such a great tool – replaces 3 other assessments I’ve been using!

Phil Shearrer, Insight Architect, R3 Design Group, USA
❝I really enjoyed flowprofiler®. I think it is brilliant! flowprofiler® is a journey not just a one-off training session.❞
Vivian Zhang, Human Resources Manager, Langham Hotel, Sydney, Australia
❝The course was great. Very easy to follow and Beck is terrific.❞
Nicole Quince, MD, Australia, Everything HR
❝Love the flowprofiler diagnostic instrument. It has become an important tool in my coaching and development work. The flowprofiler interpreter training is excellent and their support team is highly responsive and very supportive.❞
Monika Goertz, Director, Inovision, Australia
❝While I have never been an ardent fan of any assessment, I have unconsciously become one as I have watched the awareness and growth I have experienced as well with every individual , leader and team who I have had the privilege to work with.  A straight forward tool that gives depth and meaning for anyone who wants to live an optimal life❞
Malar Villi, Managing Director, Hearts and Minds, Malaysia
❝Having participated in a number of similar programs, I found flowprofiler® to be one of the best, if not the best, I have done thus far. The questions posed to create your profile are not dissimilar to other programs but responding from the perspective of two different mindsets is what differentiates flowprofiler®. This allows for interesting and insightful discussions when reviewing the results and your profile. Personally, I found my own results very close to how I perceive myself and to how others perceive me, which makes the suggestions on how to ‘bend and flex’ to interact with others that much more useful. A great system, highly recommended!❞
Shane Jolly, General Manager, Langham Hotel, Sydney
❝We increased our retention of candidates in the first 6 weeks from 50% to 80% using this system.❞
Brendt Evenden, Operations Manager, Gistlens
Dave Ross, GM Swissotel Sydney, Accor Hotels, via LinkedIn
❝flowprofiler® can really help people not only in their work life but outside of work too. I really believe that this is a great thing!❞
Yannick Besnard, Food and Beverage Manager, Langham Hotel, Sydney, Australia

❝I have been studying all the flowprofiler® documents, notes, tests, all day today.

And the more I do, the more in love I am falling with this tool.❞

Andreas Vogiatzakis, The Leadership Coach, AMVPLUS, Malaysia
❝My experience of flowprofiler® has been overwhelmingly positive. My report helped me to understand much more about myself, highlighted specific dimensions I could work on in my own development while supporting others with theirs. I would highly recommend flowprofiler® for Personal, Team and Leadership Development.❞
Joanna Emmerson, Managing Director, Holst
❝Very well presented and explained. Good to be able to speak on the practical use of the reports for self and team orientated purposes.❞
Eric Lo, Food & Beverage Manager, Langham Hotel, Sydney
❝The team session for resilienceflow® was very useful because the whole company was able to discuss change. The Zoom breakout rooms really allowed for in-depth dialogue and opened discussions that would not have normally been broached.❞
Shona Wilson, Communications and Marketing
❝I took the flowprofiler® assessment back in 2019. It really helped me to understand some aspects of myself that I had always suspected, but hadn’t been able to come to terms with,  or know how to do better. It gave me the language to understand, become more aware of my behaviour and regulate my responses to my triggers. It’s helped me to ask myself, ‘is this proportionate & appropriate’? I like to think that I’ve always had a decent level of emotional intelligence, but now I feel that because I understand it better, I’m able to use it more effectively. Both for my benefit and for everyone around me.❞
Catherine Hordern, Marketing & Communications, Holst
❝Personally, I thought flowprofiler® was great. It was me; I was reading about me on a page!❞
Yannick Besnard, Food and Beverage Manager, Langham Hotel, Sydney
❝Taking the flowprofiler® assessments, I had the opportunity to become more aware of my strengths and was able to give myself the chance to work on elements of myself that I want to improve through the awareness created through the assessments. I find myself using skills that I have gained through flowprofiler® in my work and personal life.❞
Heidi Bell, Client Support, flowprofiler® Australia
❝The training was informative, well paced and covered the critical points succinctly. There was a lot of information that needed to be covered and the individual reports are also very lengthy, however it was pleasing to be able to review assessments (at a high level) and be able to properly interpret the results. Beck’s delivery of the material was engaging, the language appropriate for the audience and the general flow of the training and timing for breaks and testing was well judged. Iain’s contributions supported the training very well and again, language was well chosen for the audience.❞
Shane Jolly, General Manager, Langham Hotel, Sydney
❝flowprofiler® provides me deep insight, and it surely helps develop myself as a business person. Based on the results, I know my strengths and weaknesses so that I am able to think about myself from different perspectives during the project. I would say this assessment has full of opportunities and chances to enhance your work environment.❞
Takeru Matsumura, Student, Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan
❝A very insightful tool. The results helped me understand how I react to certain work situations both day to day and under pressure. I found the development report particularly useful to build an action plan for activating certain behaviours of underuse and being mindful of spikes in other behaviours.❞
Vanessa Lovegrove, Senior Consultant, Holst
❝We are excited and thrilled to share this new tool to support people grow, learn and give their best in their lives, personally and professionally. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to evolve and be the best version of themselves. Better people will make this a better world.❞
Victoria Hyde, Managing Partner, Hyde & Seek, Mexico
❝I could analyse myself by using flowprofiler®︎. I’m so happy to take this assessment!❞
Mari Shinada, Student, Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan
❝You need to face your “real self” when you feel you need to do something for change. For the first step, you need to grasp where you currently stand. The results of flowprofiler® revealed “me” and I could have a solid thought about what to do from tomorrow.❞
Keigo Takada, Professor, Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan
❝My flowprofiler® development report really helps me stay mindful of my behaviours. Through the training techniques and practice I am getting better at adapting, in the moment, to the demands of my role. Great tool!❞
Beck Chalmers, co-creator, flowprofiler® Global
❝Very well presented and explained. Good to be able to speak on the practical uses of the reports for self and team oriented purposes.❞
Eric Lo, Food & Beverage Service Manager, Langham Hotel, Sydney
❝Great tool to be able to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of colleagues for recruitment and also once within the business to determine growth areas. Very accurate and insightful.❞
Stephen Lech, Executive Chef, Langham Hotel, Sydney
❝We increased our retention when onboarding candidates from 50% to 80% using flowprofiler®❞
Brendt Evenden, Operations Manager, Gistlens

❝It is an amazing tool to use.❞

Reub Miranda, Customer Service Trainer, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

❝We are excited with the promise that flowprofiler®️ brings; one that will allow our clients to shape their people and their organisation to be agile, adaptable and ready for the opportunities in the future.❞

Sharmini Suthan, Managing Partner, BeInClarity, Singapore