Retain your future superstars! Improve recruitment and retention success with our Retention through Acquisition pathwayRetention through Acqiuistion pathway. The Fit, Secure and Engage framework. featuring the flowprofiler® Fit → Secure → Engage framework.

Retention through Acquisition is a clear pathway, based on 50 years of industry experience, helping organisations to optimise both process and capability within the business whilst integrating psychometric assessment and best practice approaches. Learners are supported by regular group coaching sessions with a certified flowprofiler® business coach.

Build capability

The Retention through Acquisition pathway is designed to build capability and competency within your organisation. Benefits include:
  • Consistency: This pathway standardises your internal processes
  • Cost effective: Measurable recruitment and retention through stronger job-fit, engagement and development
  • Strong culture: This people centric approach measures resilience, motivation drivers, emotional and social intelligence through the flowprofiler® family of assessments
  • Empowerment: Every participant completing the Retention through Acquisition Pathway leaves with the skills and knowledge to operate autonomously and successfully
  • Long term impact: The flowprofiler® pathways build capability in managing retention and development across the employee lifecycle
  • Best in class: Based on over 50 years of experience
The pathway leverages insights into the emotional and social intelligence, resilience and motivation of candidates from the flowprofiler® family of assessments to improve success in both recruitment and retention.

Learning platform | flowprofiler® learn

Retention through Acquisition is delivered via a blended learning platform. The Learner benefits from a programme of online skills development modules enhanced by coaching interventions at specific milestones.

9 modules cover:

1. FIT – benchmark the right talent using approach, attitude and aptitude
2. SECURE – attract and appraise candidates through the advertise, interview and offer processes
3. ENGAGE – onboard and engage your talent by planning and developing their leadership power skills

Each self-driven module includes:

  • Step by step chapters with video tutorials
  • Quizzes
  • Practical downloadable worksheets and planners
  • Regular business coaching sessions
  • Live training
  • Access to flowprofiler® assessments

These elements work together to ensure a flexible and engaging user experience. The flowprofiler® learning platform is:

  • Flexible: Materials are on demand allowing learners to choose their own pace
  • Engaging: Full of tips, tools, tutorials, quizzes, coaching and downloadable material
  • High completion rate: Easy to use, engaging and supported by live coaching
  • Tools and templates: Modules include relevant tips, tools and template to applied learned skills at the workplace
  • Progress checker: Easy to monitor completion progress for each learning
  • Ongoing reference resource: Users can revisit sections as many times needed or even as a refresher as specific topics become relevant

Business Coaching

Learners have access to regular group business coaching sessions with a certified flowprofiler® business coach. Business coaching:
  • Is personal: Allowing for direct engagement with our specialists to ask specific questions
  • Keeps momentum: Coaching appointments serve as a deadline, and provide an opportunity to check in
  • Transfers knowledge: Leverage the expertise and experience of your business coach
  • Is flexible: Delivered as a multi-business session for learners who favour networking or a company specific bespoke approach
  • Is motivating: Follow-up sessions allow for any questions about specific application in context of the client’s own process

About the pathway

Retain your future superstars with the flowprofiler® FitSecureEngage framework. We begin our journey with Benchmarking the behavioural requirements of the role in the areas of Aptitude, Attitude and Approach. These 3As work together to ensure you have the right talent in the right role ensuring the best job-fit possible.
From here, we focus on attracting and appraising your future talent in order to secure your preferred candidate.

+ We will teach you how to write a compelling job ad based on the behavioural requirements of the role. This will ensure you are speaking directly to the type of talent you wish to attract.
+ We will teach you how to write behavioural based interview questions so that you can assess a candidate’s ability to adapt to the changing demands of the workplace.
+ We will teach you how to create a job offer that ensures your organisation stands out in the crowd giving you the best chance of securing the talent of your choice.

Once you have secured your talent, we turn our attention to Onboarding. We will share several strategies to help you plan for the first 8 weeks, prepare the environment, and integrate your successful candidate.

These strategies work together to engage your talent with the view of increasing their productivity in the first 90 days, increasing their engagement in the role and increasing your chance of retaining them in the first 6 weeks.

All of this can be found in our flowprofiler® Retention through Acquisition pathway.

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