On Monday 11th March we met with some of the brightest talent in beautiful Singapore at the Carlton Hotel. Our objective was to spread the word of personal excellence in the workplace through the flowprofiler® family of assessments and training.

The day started with an opportunity to network and share our personal experiences with psychometric assessments for occupational use. We then explored the story of flowprofiler® using our unique connectagons to put the flowprofiler® family together.

We shared information about each of the different assessments pulling out the unique features, areas measured and the types of organisational initiatives the assessments would support. The group also explored the application of the flowprofiler® family of assessments to both development and recruitment making this a dynamic and flexible portfolio.

Featured in the photo with our connectagons is the talented Roshini Ganesan, expert in change management, who said:

“I see the flowprofiler® family as ‘fit’ for my workshops around the people side of change”

Iain then demoed flowprofiler.com which is the interface between the administrator and the test user.

We finished the day with an overview of our training workshops:

The feedback was terrific. The group loved the brand story of flowprofiler® and were excited about the application to both development and recruitment. We look forward to staying in touch and continuing the conversations over the coming weeks.