It is our pleasure to introduce you to Dr Amanda Potter and Helen Bradbury. These are the professionals that lead our team of psychologists behind the flowprofiler® family of assessments.

In this blog you will discover:

  • Zircon Management Consulting
  • Dr Amanda Potter
  • Business psychologist Helen Bradbury
  • The flowprofiler® project

Who are we?

Founded in 2000, Zircon Management Consulting are sector-leaders in talent management with extensive expertise in assessment, development and high potential identification across global organisations. Zircon provides bespoke solutions in Talent & Assessment, Leadership & Organisational Strategy, Learning & Development and Coaching areas for our clients. We successfully use our expertise in psychology to design and develop bespoke, applied talent solutions, including psychometrics design depending on the client’s needs. Zircon also provides extensive experience in assessment, coaching and talent development for global, diverse and complex organisations such as Royal Philips, Rank Group, Phlexglobal and Babcock International.

Dr Amanda Potter

Dr Amanda Potter is an award-winning Psychologist and is the founder of Zircon. She has worked in the psychology and talent arena since 1995 and has significant experience in the areas of leadership assessment, development, executive coaching, change management, high performing teams, organisational culture, strengths, psychometric design and learning. Amanda is a Chartered Psychologist and has an Undergraduate and Post Graduate Degree in Psychology and a PhD in Occupational Psychology from the University of London. She is an Associate Fellow of the division of Occupational Psychology and a founder member of the Association for Business Psychology. Amanda’s interests are talent management, talent assessment, high performing teams, inspiring leaders, winning attitude, talent and potential.

Helen Bradbury

Helen is a Business Psychologist with extensive assessment and development experience; predominately in high potential identification and psychometric design. She has managed international projects for a range of clients including EY, IPF, HSBC, Rank Group, Atos and Chemistry Group. She has a strong track record of creating client Blueprints for Success Criteria, helping them to define what ‘great’ looks like and converting this into an easy to understand assessment approach for assessing, recruiting and developing employees. Helen achieved an Upper Second-Class Honours in her BSc Psychology Degree from the University of Chester in 2014. She went on to study a Masters in Organisational Psychology at Manchester Business School. She is a qualified Test User for Occupational Ability and Occupational Personality tools and is a Graduate member of the British Psychological Society.

The project

Zircon were invited to support Chalmers International Ltd in designing, piloting and validating a new psychometrics product range that focused on assessing an individual’s emotional and social intelligence, resilience and motivation in the workplace. The design was conducted in a number of phases to ensure that it was as robust as possible and complied with BPS best practice standards. The first stage was to conduct a review of the literature underpinning each of the concepts to pull out the focus of the questionnaire range. After this, definitions were created for each of the 20 defined concepts, as well as the items and wider structure and content for the candidate and expert reports. Both an ipsative and normative version of the scales were designed to allow the use of the psychometric across different situations. The data was then collected with a pilot population of around 1,000 people in order to statistical validate the normative and ipsative versions. The validation was conducted using the BPS standards. The result of the validation found that 18 of the 20 emotional, social intelligence, motivation and resilience concepts were robust and reliable. These 18 ‘scales’ formed the final version of the product range and can be tested using normative and ipsative methods.

Thank you to Amanda, Helen and the team at Zircon. It has been our pleasure to partner with you on this project.