Here are some of our favourite quotes that have inspired the spirit of flowprofiler®.

The concept of ‘flow’ is prolific in the field of positive pyschology. The term was orginally coined by Professor Mihayli Csikszentmihayli, of Claremont University, in his book Flow: the psychology of optimal experience as

“the neurobiology of excellence”.

Flow is described as a state where body, mind and environment converge to reach the ultimate state of effortless engagement.

Professor Martin Seligman, author of Authentic Happiness says:

“Authentic happiness derives from raising the bar for yourself, not rating yourself against others.”

Daniel Goleman is famous for his pioneering book Emotional Intelligence and says:

Being able to enter flow is emotional intelligence at its best.”

He then goes onto say:

Flow represents harnessing emotions in the service of performance and learning.” 

Flow has also been described as:

“Being in the zone.”

“Being stretched but not stressed.”

“Finding your groove.”

“A state of personal excellence.”

We like the concept of flow because it is positive, personal and powerful:

Positive because it represents the ultimate state of engagement. Powerful because small changes can result in big impacts and personal because it is unique to you. It is your flow, it is your superpower to develop. flowprofiler® is a family of psychometric assessments that help people to develop their personal excellence in the areas of resilience, motivation, emotional and social intelligence.

resilienceflow® measures resilience in the workplace across 6 dimensions. motivationflow® measures motivation in the workplace across 7 dimensions and, eqflow® measures emotional and social intelligence across 5 dimensions. the flowprofiler® pulls all of the these factors together to uniquely measure resilience, motivation, emotional and social intelligence across a mighty 18 dimensions.

Develop your personal excellence today with flowprofiler®.