We are very excited to announce the release of the flowprofiler® team reports.

Use the flowprofiler® team reports to measure and develop team resilience, motivation and emotional intelligence. flowprofiler® team reports are designed for any team size whether that be 3 or 300 people.

  • flowprofiler® team reports sampleBuild collaboration and communication
  • Nurture team resilience
  • Engage and motivate team members
  • Develop emotional and social intelligence
  • Improve decision making
  • Build self-esteem
  • Pursue employee well-being
  • Use for team benchmarking, development and facilitation sessions

“Now you can make informed and strategic decisions about coaching and
training by assessing the behavioural needs of team members and developing them based on what the organisation actually requires
from their performance.” – flowprofiler®

Team reports are available for eqflow®, motivationflow® and resilienceflow®. Do not worry, if your team has already completed the full flowprofiler® you will be able to produce the team report of your choice using the existing data.

Team reports include:

  • composite team charts for two states: day-to-day and under pressure
  • reports on all measured dimensions
  • full record of individual results across all dimensions
  • the ability to anonymise individual results
  • team’s average score in addition to their spread of scores for each dimension
  • feedback for each dimension across each state
  • probing questions for use in development and facilitation
  • team action page to help ensure tangible and actionable results

Use the flowprofiler® team reports in conjunction with the flowprofiler® development and management reports to support individual professional growth.

Email us at hello@flowprofiler.com or contact your local flowprofiler® partner to find out how the flowprofiler® team reports can
make a difference to your people and business.