We love to reflect on personal excellence, it’s a key activity that helps to drive focus and keep a positive mindset. Right now, we have one thing on our mind, reframing and refocussing for 2021. A big part of this, for us, is reflecting on what we are proud of and thinking about areas where we demonstrated personal excellence.

So where did you excel in 2020? Did you:

  • find an opportunity that you could embrace?
  • adapt in ways that you never expected could be possible?
  • ask for help when you felt you were sinking?
  • give 2020 everything you had?
  • you embrace the ‘big slow’?
  • take the opportunity to rest up for better times?

What did you do in 2020 that made you proud?

Remember that personal excellence is not perfection, it’s bringing the best version of you to whatever situation you face. Reflect on personal excellence to help maintain a positive mindset.

The clock striking midnight has changed very little but you can take your amazing and powerful self into 2021 knowing you have more resources to draw on that you did going into 2020.

Many of us have struggled with the challenges of 2020.

Those challenges could Covid related, to do with employment or finances, they coud be geo-political or personal. Whatever you have faced you have made it through 2020 and in order to have done that you will have had to draw on some of your superpowers to get you through.

When you focus on what you have done well you:

  • start to re-programme your mind
  • build self-confidence and,
  • you begin to identify the behaviours that have served you  well.

Once identified, your success can be replicated. You will increase your resilience, become powerful and be able to  effect positive outcomes.

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