The word ‘unprecedented’ is everywhere at the moment. The current level of change that has been endured and sustained is extraordinary. Our collective resilience and resolve are being tested personally and professionally. Our well-being and wellness are in jeopardy.

What can employers do to help their employees thrive? Teach them to nurture and develop their resilience.

Those businesses who can move out of the ‘scrunch and survive’ mindset and can turn their attention to thrive strategies for the post C-19 era are going to have an edge. Whatever the effect on our employee populations, the staff that are retained will need support.

Resilience has never been more important in our leaders, but how can employers support their leaders to thrive? How can organisations build a resilient culture within their workforce?


They do it strategically. They walk the line of efficacy (occupational versus clinical), they ensure that there is an ecosystem in place to support their people and they are clear on the outcomes they are looking for.

When organisations support the development of resilience in their employee population, they provide them with skills they can transfer to every aspect of life. This in turn has a significant impact on the well-being and wellness of the leader or team-member. Through this investment employers’ build the capability in the workforce for every individual to turn up and bring the best version of themselves to their role.

Resilience, as a capability, is a transferable skill. It has an impact on a multitude of organisational initiatives: change management, talent management and development, organisational health, organisational resilience, well-being and wellness just to name a few.

What does good look like? Here are some points to consider:

  1. Any intervention put in place should be designed for the workplace (occupational)
  2. There should be clear measurement
  3. It must be tailored to the individual and,
  4. There should be an ecosystem in place to support development

Designed for the workplace

Using occupationally designed tools is a great way to ensure that you will get the desired outcome you are looking for as an employer.

resilienceflow® is a psychometric assessment written specifically for the workplace. Our team of occupational psychologists have developed this assessment to help organisations build a resilient and healthy workforce.

With a keen focus on positive psychology, resilienceflow® uniquely measures across two states: day-to-day and under pressure. The result is rich diagnostic information, easy to understand feedback and meaningful professional development.

Clear measurement

We work to empower people to recognise when things are out of alignment and make the necessary changes. This skill is fundamental to an individual’s well-being.

Using a psychometric assessment, such as resilienceflow®, in the development of resilience provides measurement.

Resilience is state based meaning it changes over time. It is important that people have an opportunity to check-in and reflect on their current level of resilience and have the opportunity to make adjustments to the dimensions (observable behaviours) that might require attention.

Periodic testing is key. It provides individuals with real time feedback to ensure a high level of self-awareness is maintained.

Tailored to the individual

Resilience is typically defined as the “ability to bounce back”.

Easy enough to say and very difficult to do if you don’t know how.

Everyone weathers the storm differently. Not everyone has the ability to ‘bounce back’ easily.

With resilienceflow® employers can teach their people the skills to help them bounce back in a way that reflects their personal journey and is tailored to the individual.

Ecosystem to support

Leaders and employees have a great deal going on at the moment. Many are home working, home schooling and juggling priorities. They need support.

Ensuring you have that ecosystem (coaches, training interventions and trained interpreters) in place is key. They may come from internal or external sources. Where they come from doesn’t matter, they just need to be there to maximise the ROI and ensure your leaders are supported.

resilienceflow® measures resilience across 6 dimensions (observable behaviours) of resilience: optimism, unbiased, self-esteem, perseverance, adaptability and assertiveness. resilienceflow® uniquely measures across two state: day-to-day. Our development reports are specifically designed to nurture and develop resilience in the workplace ensuring your people are supported during these challenging times.

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