It is with the greatest pleasure we welcome Goggles On! Coaching Leaders, New Zealand, to our flowprofiler® partner network. Led by Director Greg Kirk, Goggles On! bring 20+ years of experience in employment law, employment relations and human resources to coaching and facilitation.

Greg brings a vast amount of coaching experience to the flowprofiler® family and shares our value of personal excellence in the workplace.

flowprofiler® is a unique assessment that measures day-to-day and under pressure states. It makes positive links for leaders to being in (and, often out of) the flow.”

“I help people achieve peace in their employment relationships. I coach individuals and teams to simplify leadership, reducing the complex to one or two simple steps that lead to positive change. I provide a safe space for leaders to build their confidence, to build a clear vision, and to take action – like putting goggles on!”

Greg Kirk
Goggles On!

Greg grew up in Stratford, New Zealand, studied Law and Psychology, was an employment lawyer in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and led Human Resources teams in the health and local government sectors. He brings employment law, employment relations and human resources to his coaching practice and facilitations. Greg is based in New Zealand/Aotearoa where he lives with his partner Tash, his twin sons, Marlon and Willow and Tash’s son Taylen.

We look forward to working with Greg and the team!