Training that makes your leaders more emotionally aware

Leaders need to be emotionally aware in order to be successful, but emotional intelligence can be difficult to measure and train. Leaders may lack awareness of their own emotions and how they affect those around them. This can lead to problems in the workplace such as low productivity, high staff turnover and conflict.

eqflow® provides a scientifically validated way of measuring emotional intelligence. Help your leaders learn how to better regulate their emotions, increase self-confidence, and become more aware of others with emotional intelligence leadership training.

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Is emotional intelligence leadership training necessary?

Be confident about the value you bring to a team

Demonstrate consistent emotional responses during difficult times

Understand how you are feeling and the impact this can have on performance

Actively look for opportunities to support others in their work and personal lives

Become observant and interested in other people and what you need from them

“I have watched the awareness and growth I have experienced as well with every individual, leader and team who I have had the priviledge to work with. This tool gives depth and meaning.”

Malar Villi, Managing Director, Hearts and Minds, Malaysia
Delegates will complete a eqflow® assessment (12 minutes), receive feedback and attend a live online courses that trains leaders how to become more emotionally intelligent.


The emotional intelligence leadership training course is designed and delivered by experts and offers real-world solutions that can be applied immediately.

How does emotional intelligence leadership training work?

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