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flowprofiler® offers clients maximum flexibility in how they use this family of assessments, workshops and coaching material across recruitment, professional development and team effectiveness.

flowprofiler® provides un-paralleled insight into organisational culture, value alignment, talent acquisition and retention.

flowprofiler® drives performance

flowprofiler® supports success. People perform better at work when they are resilient, motivated and emotionally aware.
Learn how your organisation can use these power skills through assessments, training, facilitation and coaching.
Everyone can find their personal and professional flow. Help your people to activate their personal excellence today!

There are four assessments in the family:

EQ in the workplace across 5 dimensions
– Increased personal effectiveness

– Improved relationships at work

– Enhanced well-being

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Resilience in the workplace across 6 dimensions

– Develop & maintain a positive mindset

– Manage change effectively

– Grow your personal grit

– Manage stress better

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Motivation in the workplace across 7 dimensions.

– Improved work-life balance

– Greater engagement

– Better teamwork

– Stronger professional relationships

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All 18 dimensions across eq, resilience and motivation

– Increased leadership ability

– Enhanced gravitas, resilience and social competence

– Develop your personal intelligences

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flowprofiler® empowers us to be the best and slightly stretched version of ourselves.
It inspires us to find balance and equips us to adapt to demands in a healthy way.

Everyone can find their personal and professional flow.

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flow is positive: it’s aspirational
and a better way to live

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Easy, clear and flexible

The easy-to-use Platform provides clients with direct access to their accounts. Users send, download and administer their organisation’s activity independent of an external consultant.

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❝The results showed that I was managing at a day-to-day level, but I was pushing so hard when things got tough. This insight enabled me to make changes in my behaviour.❞

Aiden Nuttall, Head of Growth, Australia