We know that adaptability is a key behaviour that underpins resilience. But what about perseverance?

The ability to be persistent and consistent, aka ‘chipping away at something, is also crucial. Especially if you are being asked to rely on your ability to adapt for a long period of time and during periods of sustained change. In fact, we have observed that the longer someone is asked to stretch or modify their behaviour the harder it is for them to hold the course.

“Persistent and consistent.
This is the mindset of the resilient.” – flowprofiler®

Engaging a persistent and consistent mindset creates a framework. In turn, this framework provides the building blocks to enable people to:

  • self-manage effectively
  • stay on track with personal goals
  • achieve the desired outcome with long-term projects
  • effectively reframe their thinking during periods of self-doubt
  • thrive during periods of uncertainty
  • demonstrate behaviour that is reassuring to colleagues
  • get back on track when they have strayed off course
  • manage periods of sustained change effectively
  • bring the best version of themselves to everything they do

When perseverance is used well a person is able to deal with what is in front of them and focus on what is important in terms of the big picture. They are able to thrive during periods of uncertainty and bounce back from periods of adversity more easily.

When a person demonstrates consistency in the workplace, they are able to achieve and complete their goals. Their behaviour is reassuring to the people around them and they are able to lead effectively. They communicate, follow-up and perform in a way that is reliable and extremely desirable during sustained periods of change.

A persistent and consistent mindset can be developed, it can be taught, and it can be activated. The process begins with self-awareness and subsequently self-management strategies that when engaged, allow the user to dig deep and demonstrate personal excellence in the workplace.

We recommend resilienceflow® as our psychometric assessment of choice for developing a persistent and consistent mindset.

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