It was our great pleasure to have 6 students from Chuo University, Tokyo attend this year’s internship with us at Chalmers International. Sessions were conducted virtually as a result of restrictions caused by Covid-19.

The students attended 6 sessions covering the topics of:

    • Company overview and finance.
    • Non-traditional business models.
    • Sales and marketing.
    • The role of technology.
    • Technical training in our psychometric assessment, flowprofiler®.

The students were asked to:

  • Communicate in English both in emails and during our sessions.
  • Contribute to group discussions.
  • Bring ideas and suggestions to solve complex business challenges.
  • Create a promotional video as a small team.
  • Submit an individual testimonial video about their experience using flowprofiler®.
  • Present their ideas on how we could improve as a business.

Here is their video testimonial. Haven’t they done a great job? A great example of personal excellence at work.