It is likely that we will all agree on one thing; times have changed. What we believed to be a sure course of action pre-covid has been challenged. The pressure on organisations to adapt and meet the demands of this pandemic is great. Despite this, we know one key factor has stayed true. Outstanding people are at the centre of organisational success.

Does your organisation have the people who will help it flourish in the post-covid era? Do they have the behavioural qualities and skills that are required for your business to excel?

“Consistent alignment of capabilities and internal processes with the
customer value proposition is the core of any strategy execution.”
Robert S. Kaplan

There is a very good chance you will have invested in profiling the behavioural requirements and skills needed for a role in a pre-covid environment. We observe that many organisations are yet to think about the type of leaders and employees they need to navigate the years to come.

Is it time to update your job descriptions to reflect the need for future operational excellence and value-based execution?

Whole industries have been disrupted; others have emerged to take their place. The degree of adapting and perseverance required to flourish is extraordinary. All while simultaneously balancing the need for well-being and self-care. An openness to professional growth has become essential in emerging leaders as many businesses change, perhaps forever, their go-to-market strategies.

“It is not the strongest nor the most intelligent of species that survives,
but the one that is most adaptable to change.”
Charles Darwin

Effective collaboration techniques that allow groups to solve problems in real time are critical as organisations pivot and reinvent their value propositions.

As an employer, you will have likely noticed that some of your people are out-performing this set of circumstances. Even more interesting, they might not be the same people you would have backed going into this pandemic.

They are the people who have shown leadership during this time, regardless of where they sit in the organisational chart. They will have stepped up and risen to the occasion. They will have proven their ability to deliver during this period of extreme change and demonstrated a solution focussed mind-set.

Leaders who can demonstrate personal excellence during fraught times are extremely valuable. They step up, communicate results-focussed and optimistic messages, they are accountable and, they are engaged. They are persistent and they are consistent. They value the input of others and can delegate and follow-up on agreed actions effectively. They recognise good performance.

They demonstrate a combination of behaviours that allows them to flourish during periods of adversity.

If you can see existing and emerging leaders in the current landscape, then it is a great opportunity to curate and nurture the superpowers they exhibit.

The flowprofiler® family of assessments is perfectly placed to help you do exactly that. Our assessments measure the 18 dimensions of resilience, motivation, emotional and social intelligence across two states; day-to-day and under pressure. Designed for both recruitment and development these instruments are perfectly placed to help you recruit and grow the leaders who will take you into the next era.

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