We are thrilled to welcome BeInClarity to our global partner network. Led by Managing Partner Sharmini Suthan, this team will work to develop and spread the flowprofiler®  family of assessments and workshops across Singapore, India and Indonesia.

BeInClarity specialise in making HR look and sound good in the boardroom. They work with their clients to ensure Human Resources become the go-to advisors for people strategy in their organisations.

For the past 28 years, this team has helped HR practitioners make better decisions in steering their people to:

  • curate learning.
  • increase engagement.
  • strengthen well-being.
  • manage change.
  • improve decision-making.
  • build culture.
  • develop talent.

We are excited with the promise that flowprofiler® brings; one that will allow our clients to shape their people and their organisation to be agile, adaptable and ready for the opportunities in the future.

-Sharmini Suthan
Managing Partner

They must be doing something right!  Some of their client partnerships go back as far as two decades. BeInClarity will actually decline a project if they feel it doesn’t bring value to the individual, team or organisation. Now that is living your values!

“A solution we believe strongly in is flowprofiler®. We’re excited about it. Packed as a family of well-researched tools and learning interventions, flowprofiler® gives HR a deep and sound understanding of their people starting from the individual in a hiring interview to the senior leadership team, all in the pursuit of excellence in the workplace.”

-Sharmini Suthan

We wish Sharmini and team every success!

Contact the team: +65 9476 5582 |