We have the great pleasure of working with international partners. It is fascinating to observe the varying approaches that countries and organisations are taking to address the many challenges that Covid-19 is presenting us with.

In many parts of the world people are coming out of lockdown and navigating their way through the implications of changing work practices. Organisations that have adapted, pivoted and retained their talent will have the best chance of thriving.

As leaders collectively turn their attention to how they can ensure their businesses and people thrive in this ‘new world’ they must be able to understand the people they lead. Everyone has been touched and everyone has survived in different ways. Tailoring to the needs of the individual is key.

When a leader understands what motivates their people, they are able to adapt their style to engage and inspire the individual. Understanding the motivation drivers of your people allows you to create an healthy work environment where extrinsic and intrinsic motivators are taken into consideration.

Profiling your team in order to understand what drives them will provide you with the ability to take a personal approach as you encourage them to bring the best version of themselves to the role.

motivationflow® is our occupational psychometric assessment that measures motivation across 7 dimensions:

Growth: People who are motivated by growth actively seek out professional development opportunities. They will typically benchmark themselves against high performers and enjoy challenges in the workplace because they provide them with an opportunity to learn.

Recognition: Individuals motivated by recognition recognise the performance of others and openly praise quality work. They are driven by achievement and respond well to praise.

Collaboration: Those people who are driven by collaboration are motivated by working with colleagues and enjoy a sense of belonging. They promote group activities and actively look for opportunities to network.

Well-Being: Employees that are driven by well-being enjoy a range of pursuits. They seek a healthy work/life balance and take time out to self-care and re-energise. They are genuinely concerned about the well-being of their colleagues.

Reward: Individuals driven by financial reward are competitive to achieve results. They are driven to improve performance and are tenacious in their focus.

Purpose: People driven by purpose want to make a difference. They are energised by a strong sense meaning in the work that they do. They seek feedback and monitor performance.

Autonomy: Employees motivated by autonomy enjoy feeling empowered and in control. They are self-sufficient and prefer to make their own decisions. These people recognise their sense of choice and will manage their own workload.

Our network of partners can provide you with a wide variety of ways to leverage the value of motivationflow® in your business:

  • Team report and expert interpretation
  • 3 hours virtual facilitated team session
  • Train as a flowprofiler® interpreter and use the motivationflow® throughout your organisation
  • Leadership coaching to discover engagement strategies that work
  • Online engagement training, learn how to engage your people in meaningful ways

Please email us at australia@flowprofiler.com
and we will connect you with your nearest certified partner.