In this article we will define a Sten score, explain why they are used and how they apply to flowprofiler®.

Defining a Sten score

Sten means standard to ten. It is a tool used in statistics and it divides a scale into 10 units. It is worth remembering that these are not 10 equal units but rather designed to create a bell curve.

Why are Sten scores used?

Using Sten scores means that the majority of people will fall into the average range and around 2% will fall into the extreme ranges of 1 or 10 on our bell curve. A Sten score indicates a person’s approximate position on the bell curve relative to the other people in that population.

How do Sten scores apply to flowprofiler®?

When you were asked to complete your flowprofiler® assessment you were asked to rank statements on a 7-point scale. This ranking is pushed through our algorithm which executes some clever math. The result is your Sten score.

Your Sten score is then plotted on our scale to determine your results for the particular dimension being measured. The further you are away from the middle of the bell curve the more likely it is that the behaviour described in your feedback will manifest itself in the workplace.

If you score a 1, 2 or a 3 it indicates that it is very likely you are underusing that dimension.

A score of 4 or 5 would indicate that you have a solid base or a foundation to build on, but you haven’t activated that particular dimension. A 6 or 7 would indicate that you are in our ‘flow zone’ whereby you are stretched but unlikely to be stressed.

By contrast, an 8, 9 or 10 indicates that you are overusing the dimension being measured and whilst that may be proportional behaviour for the situation you are in at work it could become stressful and, in some cases lead to burn out if not monitored.

The flowprofiler® family of assessments work so that organisations and individuals can recruit and develop self-aware individuals who are able to manage and regulate their behaviour in order to bring the best version of themselves to the workplace.

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