A destination employer is a company or organisation that is highly sought-after by job seekers due to its desirable working environment, competitive compensation, positive workplace culture, and excellent benefits. These employers are often considered to be the most desirable places to work and typically have a strong reputation for taking care of their employees.

flowprofiler® assessments are increasingly being used by destination employers to assess the suitability of job applicants, identify high performers, develop leaders and to retain talent. flowprofiler® assessments are designed to measure a person’s workplace resilience, emotional and social intelligence as well as their motivation and engagement drivers. The assessments are also used to assess for an individual’s ability to adapt their behaviours based on the dynamic needs for the workplace.


flowprofiler® assessments benefit destination employers in several ways:

  • As an objective measurement:
    They can provide an objective measure of a person’s suitability, based on job-fit, for a particular job. This in turn reduces the risk of hiring the wrong person for the job, as the assessments provide an indication of how well a person is likely to perform based on the behavioural requirements for the role.
  • To understand abilities:
    flowprofiler® assessments provide employers with a better understanding of the skills and abilities of their existing and potential employees. This information supports them to make more informed decisions about where to:

    • focus professional development opportunities.
    • which applicants to recruit, as well as to,
    • provide them with valuable insight into the strengths and opportunities of their potential employees.
  • A diagnostic for analysis:
    flowprofiler® assessments are used as a diagnostic instrument to benchmark top performers as well as to identify training and development needs of existing employees. This helps employers to ensure that their employees are working to the best of their abilities and are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to perform their job effectively.

flowprofiler® assessments provide destination employers with an objective measure of a person’s suitability for a particular job, as well as insight into the skills and abilities of their potential and existing employees.

Here are the ways destination employers are using flowprofiler®.

1. They focus on employee engagement

flowprofiler®’s motivationflow® assessment measures the motivation and engagement drivers of your talent. motivationflow® measures the 7 drivers of engagement across two states, day-to-day and under pressure. This allows the destination employer to create:

a) targeted incentive programmes
b) adaptive leadership styles
c) identify potential ‘watch outs’ or ‘blind spots’ in behaviours
d) an aggregate of a team or groups behaviour to identify collective engagement drivers

2. They hire for cultural fit

Destination employers hire for job and cultural fit. They think strategically about how to bring organisational messaging such as purpose, mission, vision, and values to life, from the very start of their relationship with their future star talent,

flowprofiler® Retention through Acquisition Pathway teaches organisations to:

  • Recruit strategically with clear goals and intentions.
  • Retain future, yet unmet, superstars.
  • Create a clear and consistent approach to recruiting for job-fit.

Create an environment that encourages collaboration and communication and provide opportunities for employees to develop and grow.

3. They create positive workplace cultures

Destination employers are rigourous in their approach to creating a positive workplace culture. They understand how vigilant everyone within the organisation must be to nurture and curate an environment where all employees can flourish. This includes:

  • Monitoring the emotional and social intelligences of the people within the company.
  • Stamping out toxic behaviour, no matter how benign it may look on face value.
  • Supporting their people to develop self-awareness and self-management strategies to adapt their behaviour to the changing needs of the environment.

flowprofiler®’s eqflow® is a terrific assessment to start this journey.

Destination employers invest in their people, celebrate success, have a respected brand, are flexible, develop adaptive leaders and treat everyone, including unsuccessful candidates, with respect.


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