We all have superpowers. They are those set of skills or behaviours that allow us to perform at an optimal level in all manner of situations. Some allow us to sail the world solo or climb the highest of peaks. Others allow us to persevere through adversity while those around us fall apart. There are people with such a keen eye for detail they see the world in a completely different way to most. Then there are those who have the gift of connecting with their fellow human beings in such a way that the moment lasts for a lifetime.

Can you have too much of a good thing? We think yes, absolutely! Like all things, superpowers can be overused. The results can be stressful, lead to misconceptions or misunderstandings and in some cases, can even result in illness. It seems that the stronger the superpower the greater the risk of overusing it. The habit of relying on that strength builds to such a point that the individual becomes clearly over stretched and stressed out.

Managing an overused strength or superpower requires a different approach to developing an opportunity or skill. It requires an effort to develop self-awareness and the ability to self-manage (or self-regulate) in order to behave in a more proportional way. We believe that these two competencies are a key element of personal excellence in the workplace.

We have brought the flowprofiler® family of psychometric assessments to the workplace to help people understand their over and underused dimensions (observable behaviours) across resilience, motivation, emotional and social intelligence.  Our assessments measure these areas for two states; day-to-day and under pressure.

The flowprofiler® measure 18 dimensions across motivation, resilience, emotional and social intelligence. The flowprofiler® is unique in what and how it measures these dimensions.

eqflow® measures 5 dimensions of emotional and social intelligence. eqflow® is unique in how it measures these dimensions.

motivationflow® measures 7 dimensions of motivation. motivationflow® is unique in what and how it measures motivation.

resilienceflow® measures 6 dimensions of resilience and is unique in the market.

If you’d like to know more about how to use your superpowers well, we’d be happy to help. info@chalmersinternational.com