When you demonstrate resilience at work you become more creative, are able to persevere and maintain a positive outlook. You are able to make effective decisions, work with a clear purpose and have a positive impact on others.

Here are 5 practical tips to help you develop resilience in the workplace:

Tip 1: Give yourself a break

When things aren’t going well, or you have made an almighty mess of a task avoid hanging your head low. Accountability is an important part of professional development, be open to learning from the situation as opposed to beating yourself up. Stay positive and find a way to be part of the solution.

Tip 2: Develop your creativity

When you use creativity well you have new ways to solve problems and look at challenges. You are more adaptive, and you are able to work well even when you have limited information. The best thing is that creativity is a thinking skill. It can be taught. You may not feel innately creative, but you can learn. See our Creative Teams workshop or attend a Dr de Bono’s Lateral Thinking workshop.

Tip 3: Balance your decision-making

You might find that you have a preference towards people or tasks. Your decision-making processes are likely influenced by this preference. Find a balance when you make decisions by considering both the hard facts (margin, timeline, resources etc.) and the needs of the people (how they feel, development needs, communication etc.).

Tip 4: Work the 1:3

Developing an optimistic and positive outlook is a key part of resilience at work. It does take practice to develop. For every negative thought make a genuine effort to come up with 3 positive ones. There are many sides to every situation.

Tip 5:  Recognise your own strengths

Identify your strengths and find more workplace activities where you can use them. You will feel more engaged, have a clearer purpose and develop a positive self-esteem.

We developed resilienceflow® to help people develop their resilience at work. resilienceflow® is an online psychometric assessment that coaches, trainers, managers and recruiters use to gain rich powerful insights into a person’s resilience at work.

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